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New Projects for improvements to the Club. 


Not too long ago, with a lot of support from the Lodges and their members we completed some significant improvements to our Club.


Proper heating/air conditioning to replace the old inefficient heating.
New Windows in the bar. Not a cheap job. We didn’t just chuck in some UPVC windows, we repaired the originals, with the same types of materials already there.
We installed a lift.
And a new Kitchen
And of course, the ongoing maintenance needed to keep the club safe and secure.


Still to be done.
Hall Decoration. The ceiling in the dining hall is over 40 years old, the parquet flooring is over 100 years. We need to have a look at both of these with a view to refurbishment.
Above the ceiling tiles, the roof should be OK, outside the roof tiling is in very good condition, but the ceiling tiles are of a type no longer made and need replacing.
The parquet floor has been looked at and it looks as if about 40% of it has dry rot. Initial inspection advises that it should all be replaced, and although there are cheaper floor types than parquet, parque flooring will last much longer.


These projects are going to cost.




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