United Masonic Club (Sheerness)

List of Trustees & Committee


Roger Stolworthy of Adam’s Lodge
CHAIRMAN   Richard Wingett of De Shurland Lodge
Malcolm Brooks of United Service Lodge

Committee comments

SECRETARY – Nick Murray
TREASURER – Steve Spoor



Robert Fulton (Adam’s Lodge)
Tony Hayward (Adam’s Lodge)
Gerald Cox (De Shurland Lodge)
Dave Lipscombe (De Shurland Lodge)
Peter Fagg (United Service Lodge)
Gordon Thompson (United Service Lodge)
Brian Spoor (Isle of Sheppey Lodge)
Mark Ball  (Isle of Sheppey Lodge)
Uwe Gruber (Nore Command Lodge)
Paul Pavitt (Nore Command Lodge)
Fraser Gregory (Queenborough Lodge)
Steven Bishop (Queenborough Lodge)

WEB MASTER – David Wraight