UMC Diary

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2nd                  Tue                  Adam’s Lodge                                     Meeting

5th                   Fri                   United Service Lodge                          Meeting

6th                   Sat                   Nore Command Lodge                       L of I

8th                   Mon                 De Shurland Lodge                             L of I

11th                 Thu                  Queenborough Lodge                        Meeting

12th                 Fri                   Provincial Grand Lodge

16th                 Tue                  Adam’s Lodge                                      J L of I

17th                 Wed                 De Shurland Lodge                             Meeting

20th                 Sat                   Nore Command Lodge                       L of I

23rd                 Tue                  De Shurland Lodge                             GP

25th                 Thu                  Isle of Sheppey Lodge                        Meeting

27th                 Sat                   Nore Command Lodge                       Installation Meeting

29th                 Mon                 De Shurland Lodge                             J L of I

30th                 Tue                  UMC Management Committee