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5th November 2020 



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Remembrance 2020


   8th November 2020 Remembrance Sunday was so very different to other years. Locked down and all parades banned to help fight Covid. Everyone wanted to abide by the rules, but almost all wanted to show their passion to remember all those heroes that had given their lives for us in all conflicts since the start of 20th century.
   The Masonic membership brethren were no different. We  knew the parade was banned,  but still wanted to lay the Lodge Wreaths at the Sheerness memorial. As such a few Lodge Masters and Past Masters attended with a few other members in support. The whole thing was to be kept very low profile with social distancing a priority. Many of the people who usual ran the ceremony were there and carried out a very short , but personal ceremony. There were in excess of thirty wreath layers from so many different contingents all gathered around the memorial. Those very poignant words which everyone knows so well were repeated to remind us that those who had given would never grow old and never be forgotten. We were so lucky to have a bugler present to play the last post. The two minutes silence was kept amidst the deepest thoughts from all standing in the mild sunshine. Two policemen stood quietly in the back ground in harmony with everyone else. It was a quiet, but very dignified memorial.  Everyone in turn laid their wreaths with a bow or a smart salute from service personel. When complete we all said our farewells and slipped quietly back to our respective homes.
   I think everyone there was very happy to have been there, but I am sure that we all hoped next year we will be able to have our proper Memorial Sunday.
Gerald Cox






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