March 1st 1866 was the date that the De Shurland Lodge was consecrated. 150 years and a few days later the usual Wednesday meeting was moved to Saturday 12th March to celebrate that Anniversary.

The Lodge meeting room was quite full with 98 masons in attendance. After welcoming the Provincial Grand Master and other important visitors there was a ceremony for the Lodge’s first new candidate in more than 2 years. Some parts of the 150 years of Lodge history were then read out by members of the Lodge. There were two presentations, A Cheque for £1089 (De Shurland is Lodge No 1089) was presented to the PGM for the Canterbury Cathedral Appeal and then the Worshipful Master of the Dutch Lodge, Arauna, presented a ceramic plate to De Shurland. Lodge Arauna has been twinned with De Shurland Lodge since its Consecration and there were 14 members of the Lodge who had made journey to the anniversary meeting.


De Shurland 150 group

A pleasant festive board followed which included the Initiate “Chain”. All attending were presented with a copy of the Lodge History and a set of cuff links and tie clips bearing the De Shurland Lodge banner.