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Message from QUIZ Master Paul.


The next “Middle Bar” quiz will be on Friday 26th January. 7-00 for 7-30. United Service are the only lodge to have won the quiz twice, this must not happen again! Any lodge desperate to win , I will accept bribes, ,,,,its Christmas.


Dear Friend, please feel free to explore our website, which should offer a good overview of all aspects of Freemasonry on the Isle of Sheppey, from the meaningful and worthwhile purposes of our fraternity to the news items and photographs showing the great fun enjoyed by our members, families, friends and neighbours. We believe Freemasonry has a terrific amount to offer the Isle of Sheppey in today’s society – not just to its members but also to the communities around us. The financial and practical support of charities and local good causes is close to Sheppey Freemason’s hearts and within this site you will find stories and photographs about this aspect of our organisation.   If Freemasonry sparks an interest within you, then ‘Just Ask’.


United Masonic Club Festival

As a member of De Shurland Lodge and a relatively new UMC Committee member I would like to draw your attention to a few points concerning the United Masonic Club. As you know all six Lodges participate in providing funds for the upkeep and running of our club. We are all very fortunate in being part of one of the best Masonic Centers (Ours is a club) in the county let alone the Province. This wonderful building has been maintained in the past and today by its members. Maintaining and updating is a constant feature to provide the best conditions for our Masonic and social pleasures.
As you all know at the closing of the UGLE 2014 Festival our committee voted to start our own UMC Festival to raise funds for the necessary improvements and maintenance of this building. Since its inception we have had the old heating removed and air conditioning / heating installed. With a much better environment we have also cut our energy bill substantially. We are also now the proud owners of a lift which of course will aid all members who find the stairs a bit of a trial. The committee is now looking seriously at upgrading the dining area with a view to a much more modern and pleasant experience for all. All of this has of course cost a great deal of money much of it provided by many lodges donating thousands of pounds of their own resources. This has been excellent but sadly no where near enough. This is where the UMC Festival was hoped to provide the additional funds. We all know of this Festival and many members have contributed either by direct debit or by providing lump sums or donations as individual finances permit. Brethren it is clear that we need more members to subscribe to our Festival so that its ultimate goal may be achieved.
Looking around the club there are several notices on bar tables etc asking for your assistance, but I fear very few now read them. Please give this item some special thoughts because if we do not continue to support the club then it will definitely suffer.
Just note £10.00 per month is £2.50 per week which is less than the cost of a pint.         G.K. Cox


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